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Agent Registration

Amaze’s platform gives your clients all the resources they need to get the best medical care, at the lowest cost.


One Partner, One Platform, One Name to Trust

We Empower Americans to Take Charge of Their Healthcare.

The Amaze Difference

One partner, one platform, one name to trust…

This one simple line says it all. When you need help managing your medical care, no matter what the need is, your first call is to Amaze. Amaze is the only name you need to remember.

Amaze provides every American with an independent, trusted healthcare partner.

Amaze provides on-demand and ongoing virtual medical care, basic mental health and wellness support, referrals, provider searches, and help understanding insurance benefits and medical bills.

Telehealth Services

No virtual waiting rooms. Ever! Just excellent, on-demand care when you need it most. If you’re sick or have a medical concern, our providers are here to take care of you. We can refill prescriptions, do well-visit virtual exams, provide mental health screenings, monitor chronic conditions, and help you find local specialists and facilities when needed.

Health & Wellness

Our team of medical providers is here to assist with a wide array of health and wellness services, including: mental health screening, initial diagnosis, and some treatment as well as placement with local mental health resources. We also support weight loss efforts, smoking cessation, and your goals of better managing chronic medical conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and pre-diabetic conditions.

Patient Education

We equip our patients with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to be effective healthcare consumers. Through our online training programs, digital resources, medical team, and platform, we help them understand their rights and benefits and determine the best course of action regarding their care.

Digital Resources

Our online resources and in-app features include the medication price check tool,  robust symptom checker,  medical search engine, and other resources that help to empower our members to be well-informed healthcare consumers, which saves them time and money. 

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