Lower your healthcare costs while providing your employees with the peace of mind they deserve.

Amaze offers a broad range of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the many employers we work with. Some are self-insured, others fully-insured, and quite a few have part-time, hourly employees who are unfortunately uninsured.

The philosophy behind Amaze is universal: every American must become competent at managing their own healthcare, regardless of their personal situation, the nature of their employment, or the type of medical insurance they have. That’s why Amaze has designed solutions to meet the needs of everyone.

By working with Amaze, employers not only save money in partnership with their employees, but also experience a happier, healthier, more loyal workforce – which leads to better recruiting, retention, and performance.

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Amaze offers a comprehensive, system-based approach to patient empowerment.

Self-Insured and Fully-Insured Employers

80% of American companies with 200 or more employees are self-insured. That means the company accepts the risk, and the reward, of better managed healthcare. For those that offer qualified high-deductible plans, it’s important that we save the company money, but it is equally important that we help employees become better stewards of their own money. Too many Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, including many with decent jobs and careers. High-deductible plans were intended to encourage greater individual accountability, but in a system that intentionally denies us information and control, high deductibles have proven crippling to many. Medical bills running into the thousands of dollars every year lead to stress and absenteeism that hurt morale and productivity.

Amaze’s solutions are highly flexible, making it easy to design plans tuned to each employer, their employees, and their local healthcare markets.


One of the harsh realities of America’s broken healthcare system is that many part-time and hourly workers still do not have medical insurance coverage. This population of employees can be hard hit by medical challenges and, research tells us, many will forgo care because of cost. Others will see their credit ratings damaged and their savings decimated. By providing uninsured employees with easy, low-cost access to a partner that both provides virtual medical care and helps them navigate their local health care system, employers can offer their team members a valuable resource that will help them through tough times without breaking the bank.