Option 1:  $39.99 per visit with a prescribing provider.
Option 2:  $24.99/month for unlimited access for the whole family.
Please note, the Amaze mobile app is undergoing constant improvement to keep up with exploding demand. Please make sure you update your app often.

App Support

Amaze is quickly adapting to ensure our app and our medical team can help as many people as possible. That means we are quickly changing things. Here are ways you can get the most out of Amaze.

  • Update your app often. Updates may be available as often as every three days.
  • Please explore our app and all the other services you have access to as part of your subscription. We add new ones often.
  • Please take a moment to add all your family members. You’ll be glad you did when you have urgent need.
  • If you need help or have questions, email us at [email protected]

Important Notes

When we started Amaze to service employees of corporations, we would actually go into companies to teach their employees how to use the app and our services. In this time of crisis, we are just trying to ensure you have access to telemedicine.   The app is user-friendly, but there are a lot of services that could use some explanation.  We’ll start providing web-based education sessions and will increase our video lessons shortly.  In the meantime, Amaze will give you the quality telemedicine that you need.

We are moving fast to accommodate many more interactions. Please be patient with us and let us know, but if you can’t make the app work for you, just request a refund. No questions asked. Just send an email with your user name to [email protected]ePBC.com.

The Amaze App does not currently work on older iPhones (5s and 6’s).


Below we list some “Frequently Asked Questions” but since we’re not used to giving our services to someone without the classroom experience, we’re learning, too. As we receive questions we will post the most common ones (with answers) here.

The menu for accessing and changing all your personal information can be found by touching the three lines in the upper right-hand corner.  You can find your existing profiles and add new ones from this menu.

Go into any profile and tap the edit button on the top right of the screen.  Edit what needs to be changed and hit “Save Profile.”  Please note that you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the profile to save it.
When you add new profiles and insert your family members’ contact information, they will automatically receive an invitation to install the app if they are older than 18-years old.  You can install the app yourself for younger family members who are allowed to use it.
In the menu, under “Privacy Settings” there is a screen that will allow you to choose whether your family can see or can edit information.  If you choose the circle with the line through it, they can neither see nor edit information.
Click the “Chat With Us” button. This will look like it is calling but it is actually opening a chatbox on our end.  If at any time during the chat we need video, we can switch on our end to video with your permission.
You will want to talk with a medical professional for all medical interactions. Member advocates are dedicated to insurance and billing issues that may come up after a face-to-face encounter with a local provider.
It is not essential, but if you should need us to work with your insurance company we will need that information.

The more information our healthcare professionals have, the better. Another great reason to fill out those sections is that information about your medical history, current medications and ongoing conditions is requested and required before every face to face healthcare encounter. Your Amaze app is the perfect place to store that information so you always have it handy.