Amaze for Associations

Amaze is designed for every American–because at the end of the day, we are all consumers of healthcare.

Our dream is to see the individual management of healthcare become a core competency for every individual. While we primarily work with businesses today, we also believe the American healthcare system is too biased toward employer-sponsored healthcare. Many people purchase healthcare individually, or through small businesses that do not provide support beyond a simple health insurance plan. We should be educating high school and college students, those in the “gig” economy who work for themselves, and every other American who should be developing the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their own care.

That’s why we make ourselves available to go into schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, clubs, and civic organizations to teach the basics of healthcare management.

If you’d like to arrange to have someone speak to your organization (by Zoom these days) or talk about offering Amaze’s services to your members, just schedule a time to talk to an Amaze Advisor below.