Option 1:  $39.99 per visit with a prescribing provider.
Option 2:  $24.99/month for unlimited access for the whole family.
Please note, the Amaze mobile app is undergoing constant improvement to keep up with exploding demand. Please make sure you update your app often.

For Business

  • Healthcare spending in the United States is growing twice as fast as the GDP
  • No group is feeling this more than self-insured employers
  • Employers spend an average of $18,000 per family, $6000 per individual on healthcare
  • A full 50% of that spending may be unnecessary
The unique Amaze business and technology solution lowers the cost of healthcare while improving medical outcomes and patient experiences.
  • Amaze empowers patients
  • Amaze promotes transparency
  • Amaze ensures independence from the payer/provider paradigm

Our Solution

Amaze’s CAST Model is uniquely designed to solve the problems of poor employee awareness, adoption, and utilization of existing solutions by integrating them all into one seamless platform.


How we build competency

Education is the key to developing patient knowledge, skill and self-confidence. During Amaze’s training, expert instructors go far beyond simply teaching your employees to install, configure and use the Amaze App. We also provide the education necessary to set your employees on the path to higher levels of activation by offering critical insights and lessons into how they can get the most out of their interaction with the American healthcare system. Our immersive, interactive, research-based program lays down a solid foundation to build on—a foundation that will empower your employees (and their families) to maximize the value of their healthcare benefits while lower your costs at the same time.
  • Base90 Education
  • Family invitations sent during training
  • Continuing education to reinforce training
  • Knowledge base with 1000’s of eLearning topics
  • Just-in-time Education
  • Incentive to Learn


One Integrated mobile application

The Amaze app is a one-stop gateway to everything your employees need to manage their own healthcare. Having one, and only one, app to refer to is vital to resolving challenges associated with awareness, adoption, utilization and trust. The app is optimized for mobile, with most features also being accessible through the Amaze web portal on a phone or PC.
  • Installed during initial training, fully compatible with all iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Direct access to live support from Amaze’s staff of health advisors and medical professionals
  • One integrated app to access all healthcare services
  • Encrypted electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI)
  • Encrypted two-way communication with Amaze


Every service needed to empower your employees

The Amaze app integrates a wide variety of critical, best-in-class services, as well as any other services you may offer your employees that aren’t (yet) offered by Amaze.
  • Live Health Advisor and Physician Support
  • Profile-based guidance
  • Access to insurance and claims information
  • Provider Search and Ratings
  • Appointment Tracking
  • Prescription Tracking
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • Symptom checker
  • Custom search tools
  • Procedure reference library
  • Claims assistance
  • Wellness tools


Intelligent, data-driven triggers to drive patient action

In-app triggers remind patients of the services available to them when most needed and encourage them to ask for help and to access support.
  • Time-based triggers based on appointment schedules, prescription renewals, and preventative care routines
  • Location-based triggers based on provider geo-fences
  • Needs-based triggers based on personal profile, claims data, and appointment schedule