Amaze for Government

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, state and local governments were feeling the healthcare squeeze. Unlike the federal government, states, counties, cities and towns cannot simply print and borrow money at will. They have to live within their means.

In many places, underfunded K-12 education and a lack of adequate pre-K learning and daycare is hurting families. Police and fire departments see their budgets shrinking while roads and bridges rot. Yet the true culprit is unseen: healthcare. In most places across the country, the local healthcare system is the biggest employer. With the cost of ever-increasing healthcare expenses, pension plans were in trouble before the crisis. Now, it looks like many won’t survive more than a few years.

That’s why Amaze partners with local governments to drive down the cost of healthcare by empowering government employees and pensioners with the knowledge, information, self-confidence. and support to truly manage their own care.