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Amazing Stories

Amaze is there when it matters most—providing the tools, information and support patients need, when they need it. These everyday, real-world scenarios, illustrate how Amaze helps patients make better decisions that result in better care and lower costs.

Injured and
Out of Town

Tom and Susan’s 15-year-old son, Will, was playing water polo at a tournament in Albuquerque, NM. It was an exciting game and Will was on defense...

Confidence to Seek Alternatives

Linda had been experiencing pain for some time. At first it would come and go. Occasionally it was what seemed more like a back ache...

Why the Right Questions Matter

Jack is in the ER waiting for the physician to see his 14-year-old daughter. She was playing basketball for her middle school and took a charge...

Major Surgery or Minor Procedure?

The pain in Mike’s right calf started out at about a three on the “pain” scale. For someone in his mid-seventies such minor annoyances were common...

What if It’s More Serious Than the Flu?

Like a growing number of Americans who get their health insurance through an employer, Jane has a high deductible individual plan...

Is It Time to Get a New Doctor?

Peter is 46 years old. He’s fit, rarely ever gets sick, and comes from good genes. Twice in the last ten years Peter has gone to urgent care...

Tell Us Your Story

Do you have recent experience trying to navigate the healthcare maze? Wish you could have done something differently? What knowledge would have helped?