Amaze Accepts Medicare​

There's never been a better time to try telemedicine.

Amaze now accepts Medicare for Virtual Urgent Care and Primary Care visits. And under the U.S. Government’s current emergency orders, we are waiving all coinsurance.

For a list of conditions we can treat virtually, please click here.

If you do not already have a free Amaze account, creating one is fast and easy. No appointment is required and if you’re not sure if virtual medicine is right for you, there’s no cost to call and talk to one of our medical providers to see if it might be right for you. You can also simply call and talk to us by phone at 1-866-595-2945.


We are not yet accepting Medicare Advantage plans, but we’re working on it.

When you call Amaze, there’s no lengthy intake process. We’ll have you talking to a medical provider and you can tell them why you’re calling, share your medical history, and receive the treatment or advice you need.

Questions about how to get started?

Call toll-free today:

Some medical conditions are not appropriate to treat virtually. We may advise you to find a local physician, which we are happy to help with. We may also be able to treat you, but from time-to-time might arrange for you to be seen locally, in which case we will work with a local provider to arrange an exam. For a list of conditions we can treat virtually, please click here.

Also Available: Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

For Amaze’s established patients, we offer remote patient monitoring when medically called for. There’s no cost for the equipment or supplies. Talk to your Amaze medical provider if you think remote monitoring might be right for you.