App Reviews

I'm absolutely gobsmacked at how wonderful my appt went. I am honestly so speechless. I tried another online Dr before this one & was charged $99 just to ask a follow up question & there was no compassion or concern. Needless to say I've already cancelled that subscription. I'm still stunned at how genuine she (Joanna) was & how she really wanted to help me. I will be forever grateful!! Check them out...you will definitely not regret it.

Beth Minor Townzen

Super easy and worked the first time after creating a profile. Tapped one button on the home screen and was connected to an actual live medical pro within seconds. I tried chatting and then an audio call. Super friendly staff and was able to get an Rx to treat my symptoms called into a pharmacy nearby. They also offer video calling. So worth the low price to have the peace of mind and instant access. The app also has tons of information videos and other useful features.


This app is a game-changer. You first have to set up an account. Then you have access to a medical provider immediately, for as long as you subscribe. It seems like this company is here for the right reason. I am impressed and will refer my friends and family! 

Matt MH2

Some of my family members don't have insurance and my Nana can't easily get in to see a doctor. This app has given them access to basic medical care and given me peace of mind knowing Amaze is regularly checking in with my Nana right now when it's too risky for me to go see her in case she gets the virus.

London Swift

This app is WONDERFUL. I contacted several ehealth companies and none were able to help me with my specific issue, but with Amaze, I was connected to a doctor within seconds and she was able to help me with what I needed. They offer their service at a very low monthly rate - I honestly was planning to cancel after the one visit i needed but I may just keep the subscription to be able to contact a doc whenever I need. Thank you for the excellent service!


I used this for the first time because I needed a quick appointment but didn't wanna go to the E.R or urgent care with this rona virus going around and it was exactly what I needed the NP that assisted me was super polite and helpful and with in five minutes I had the info and everything I needed to fix my condition