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Think you might have COVID-19? If so, you can speak to an Amaze Medical Professional right away by installing the Amaze app.

For most people, COVID-19 can be very mild; but for some, it can become serious very quickly. It’s important to be properly evaluated and to have a medical partner that you can call often without being burdened by the cost each time you want to follow-up. With Amaze, if you have a monthly subscription, you can talk to us anytime; and even if you just purchased a single Virtual Urgent Care visit, you can follow-up with us, and we will follow-up with you at no additional cost for 30 days.

While COVID-19 might be mild for you–in fact you might have it and never develop symptoms–that doesn’t mean you can’t give it to someone else. Asymptomatic spread is one of the most challenging aspects of this pandemic. So even if you are not feeling very ill, it might be time to talk to someone to see if you could have COVID-19 and whether you should be tested.

If you’ve been feeling healthy and suddenly think you might be running a fever, that’s a good time to have yourself checked out. Fevers and chills go together, since both are an indication of your body having difficulty regulating its temperature.  
Headaches can be caused by many things, from being tired or dehydrated to being an early indicator of something more serious. If you are experiencing headaches that you are unaccustomed to, it could be an early sign of COVID-19.  
There have been reports of COVID-19 causing gastrointestinal problems that are potentially due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus effecting not only attacking cells in your airway, but also in the digestive system and liver.  
Losing your sense of smell or taste can be an early sign of COVID-19. In some people, it’s the only symptom they every develop.  
A runny nose doesn’t usually just come out of nowhere; we just tend to ignore it because we get minor colds all the time and they simply pass. Bt in this time of COVID-19, it could be triggered by the virus.  
A feeling of being stuffed up or congested is a potential sign of COVID-19.  
A persistent cough is a common indicator of COVID-19. It’s a symptom that is particularly worrisome because coughs are among the most likely means of transmission.  
While we usually just shrug off a cold, if you feel like you have a cold and no one else around you does, it could be a sign of COVID-19, especially in the middle of summer.  
Because COVID-19 tends to hit the lower respiratory system harder due to the ACE-2 receptors that the virus attaches to, difficulty breathing and a shortness of breath are common symptoms.  
A feeling of tightness or chest pain can result from difficult exchanging oxygen between your lungs and blood supply.  
Many people do not develop overt symptoms and may simply feel tired or have difficulty staying awake. The result is that they don’t realize they are battling COVID-19 until after having spread it to others.