Option 1:  $39.99 per visit with a prescribing provider.
Option 2:  $24.99/month for unlimited access for the whole family.
Please note, the Amaze mobile app is undergoing constant improvement to keep up with exploding demand. Please make sure you update your app often.


The future is now!

Amaze’s user-friendly mobile technology is a real game-changer. You can set up your account in seconds and you don’t need to answer pages of questions about your medical history or current condition to talk to a doctor; instead, you can explain it to us personally.

You can also add family members with the click of a button so the whole family is joined together in one account while still protecting everyone’s individual privacy. And you can communicate with us how or when you like–by sending us a note or having a live chat, video, or audio call.

Telemedicine reduces the time it takes to talk to medical professionals and makes it easy to follow-up quickly, anytime you like. It also lets us follow-up with you to ensure you’ve picked up your medication, got your x-ray or MRI, or found the local specialist you were looking for.

Amazing Telemedicine Technology


Amaze built its business with telemedicine in mind, rather than backing into it from traditional medical practice. Using the most scalable and secure technology available, we ensure you can access your account and our medical providers from nearly anywhere, including a web-app, mobile app, or the telephone.

Amaze’s technology is built on the principle of patient empowerment, meaning we don’t just provide you with access to our medical team; we also provide you with tools to do your own research, more than 1,500 video lessons, and a place to store all of your own medical history and personal notes.

Once you install the Amaze app, we invite you to explore it. You can also give us a call for a personal tour or for help starting to collect your own medical history. You can even add links to all of your medical providers’ websites so everything is in one place. The possibilities are endless.

Amazing Telemedicine Providers

Amaze’s team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants all come from highly experienced backgrounds in family medicine, pediatrics, emergency care, orthopedics, urgent care, and the military. We are not a nurse line–we are medical providers ready to listen, diagnose, treat, and refer you to local in-person care when absolutely necessary. We can write lab orders, imaging orders, and prescriptions.

All of our providers are highly motivated by Amaze’s mission to empower Americans with the knowledge, information, self-confidence, and support they need to take charge of their own care. We are here to be your partner, not simply your provider.