Virtual Primary Care

A Convenient Option for Some, a Necessity for Others

Do you have a relationship with a primary care provider?  Many Americans do not, and the consequences can range from frustrating to dangerous. Read more…

Virtual Primary Care Pricing

Amaze’s medical team treats a broad range of primary care conditions. Read more about the many conditions we treat.

The Virtues of Virtual Primary Care

There are many advantages to a relationship with a virtual primary care provider.

  • It's convenient. Not only can you contact your personal primary care partner from the convenience and privacy of your home, but you can contact them from anywhere, anytime, ensuring that you never have to wait to get answers to your questions.
  • You choose the means of communication. Sometimes you don't want to talk to someone--you just want quick and easy answers. With the Amaze App, you can engage in a real-time chat, send us a message, initiate a video or telephone call, or just send us an SMS. What's most important is that communication is fast and easy.
  • You get highly personalized care. We are here to provide you with the medical care and advice you need, but we're also here to help you manage costs and to make things easy and accessible. We'll help you find the most convenient, lowest cost places to go for tests and procedures, we'll work with you to choose local specialists when you need them, and we'll even join you at your appointments with other medical providers via audio or video if you'd like. We're here to be your partner, not just your medical provider.
  • There are no per-visit charges. You should never have to think twice about talking to your personal primary care partner. With an Amaze Virtual Primary Care subscription, you won't have. Contact us anytime, for any reason.