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Amaze Health Educational Webinars, Open to the Public

Why HSA's Are Better than 401Ks and IRAs (Thursday, November 5th, 10 AM Mountain Time)

While more and more people have access to HSAs due to the proliferation of high-deductible insurance plans, very few people realize the value of their HSA. The result is missed financial opportunity that can never be recovered. Here's one example of what you've probably never been taught: Don't EVER use your HSA to pay a medical bill. Confused? You won't be after you join this webinar. This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, November 5th at, 10 AM Mountain Time. You can also send in questions and copies of bills you'd like to ask about by writing to [email protected]

Don't Let a Trip to the ER Turn into a Financial Emergency (Friday, Nov 6, 12:00 Mountain Time)

Other than for scheduled surgery, most hospital stays begin with a visit to the emergency room. Emergency rooms have become the defacto admitting unit for hospitals because they are so lucrative. Gone are the days of your doctor direct admitting you to the hospital when you're sick.

Waiting until your first trip to the ER, or the first time you take a child to the ER is waiting too long to learn how emergency rooms work, your alternatives, and how to protect yourself from predatory billing practices. This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, November 19th at, Noon Mountain Time. You can send any questions you'd like to ask in advance by writing to [email protected]