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it's Amaze-ing.

Research tells us that people empowered to take charge of their own healthcare get better care and spend less money on it. That’s why Amaze is transforming America by working with employers to provide people with the knowledge, information, self-confidence, and support they need to become the well-informed consumers we all deserve to be.

We Are Empowering People To Take Charge of Their Own Healthcare

Doctor teaching his patient so she can become an empowered patient

The research says it all: people who are empowered to take charge of their own healthcare receive better care and spend less money on it.

Despite the research, the American healthcare system is not designed for us to be in charge. Instead, we have a crazy system in which we allow an insurance company to tell us whether or not we need care (they call it “medical necessity”); we let them tell us where we can receive care (they call it a “network”); and we let them dictate how much will be paid for the care we receive (known as “the allowable amount”).

By empowering people with knowledge, information, self-confidence, and support (the KISS principle), employers can ensure their people and their families know how to get the the very best medical care at the very best price.

Hear Founder and CEO David Silverstein talk about the importance of patient empowerment at the Boston Medical Center in January 2020.

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What People Say About Amaze

"I'm absolutely gobsmacked at how wonderful my appt went. I am honestly so speechless. I tried another online Dr before this one & was charged $99 just to ask a follow up question & there was no compassion or concern. Needless to say I've already cancelled that subscription. I'm still stunned at how genuine she (Joanna) was & how she really wanted to help me. I will be forever grateful!! Check them out...you will definitely not regret it."

Beth Minor-Townzen

"Super easy and worked the first time after creating a profile. Tapped one button on the home screen and was connected to an actual live medical pro within seconds. I tried chatting and then an audio call. Super friendly staff and was able to get an Rx to treat my symptoms called into a pharmacy nearby. They also offer video calling. So worth the low price to have the peace of mind and instant access. The app also has tons of information videos and other useful features."


"Signed up myself and family as an alternative to going to the doctors office during the pandemic. Sign up and subscribing was super easy and the care I've received from the providers has been truly incredible. Has exceeded all of my expectations, and has saved me time and the cost of doctors office visits. Highly recommended."


“We are so grateful for the care and support your team provides us.”

   HR Manager, Boulder, Colorado

“Amaze is wonderful–a life-saver.”

  Executive Assistant to the CEO, Centential, Colorado