Asking Questions is Good for Your Health

Have you ever left a doctor’s office and realized, an hour later, that there were a bunch of questions left unanswered? Thanks to ever shorter encounter times, almost all of us have felt this way.

Medical situations often arise as a surprise, which means you aren’t quite ready for them. Confronting a healthcare issue is also stressful, which makes it difficult to think quickly about all the questions you may have. And once you’ve left the office, it is often hard to get those questions answered, or even asked.

One of the things that sets Amaze apart from almost any other provider is that we don’t put a time limit on patient encounters. We also love questions because part of our mission is to help our members become better healthcare consumers. Finally, after ending an appointment with an Amaze provider, you can call back with questions as many times as you need. Since we don’t charge for each patient encounter, there is no cost and no waiting.

Whether you are dealing with an Amaze provider or any other, here are some helpful questions to have ready:

1. Are there other options we haven’t talked about?

Research suggests most medical providers only present the option they think is best for you when other viable choices are available.

2. Have any of your other patients experienced side effects or negative consequences?

Medical professionals are trained to list risks and side effects from most procedures, but these are often drawn from a general list. Asking about their patients experiences will give you much more insight about what to expect.

3. What if we just do nothing?

Sometimes providers don’t feel an encounter is complete unless some action is taken. Often, it isn’t necessary. Try asking: “Is it possible this will resolve on its own? or “If it were you or your child, would you consider waiting?”

4. Can I explain this back to you?

Sometimes when we receive a lot of new information we think we understand it, but find there are gaps in our understanding. Explaining the situation back to your provider is a great way to make sure you have processed all the information.


The idea is to raise your confidence to have a conversation with your provider, so you can take an active role in your healthcare and get the best care at the lowest cost for yourself and your family.

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