Join a Webinar

Join a Webinar

Amaze Health is an innovative healthcare solution designed to mitigate costs, reduce the number of claims, and keep employees out of the “system,” thereby minimizing an organization’s healthcare spend.

Amaze provides concierge-level (virtual) services 24/7/365 including:

  • Virtual Urgent Care
  • Virtual Primary Care
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Mental Health Services
  • Prescriptions & Referrals
  • Virtual Dental Support
  • Virtual Ortho Support
  • Billing Advocacy
  • Insurance Support
  • Health Education
  • Healthcare Navigation

How Amaze cuts costs and where the savings are found:

To learn more about this unique benefit, please join us for a live webinar. We offer 45-minute group interactive sessions twice a month. During the webinar, we’ll go into detail about Amaze Health’s services and how you can become a partner.*

If you would prefer a 1:1 session or a private session for your firm, please use this Booking Link to schedule.

We look forward to partnering with you!


*Our presenters prefer cameras to be on during the webinar for a more interactive experience.

We’re confident you’ll agree that having Amaze as your partner will save you time, money, and frustration when dealing with the medical system.

Contact Us

Suzu Solkin   LMSW, CPBA

Director of Strategic Partnerships at Amaze Health

Phone:   (720) 316-0739

Email:     [email protected]

We look forward to partnering with you!

Give us a call if you need additional assistance: 720-577-5251

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