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Healthcare Tips
Happy Hour Sips

FRI, MARCH 13, 2020
3:00PM – 5:00PM

Amaze PBC Training Center 555 17th Street, Suite 475 Denver, CO 80202

About This Event

Healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are struggling to maintain health coverage, and patients (employees) are taking on more of the financial burden.

The research is in, and it’s clear:  The key to taming the cost of healthcare is to put patients at the center of the system where they belong, equipped with the knowledge, skill and self-confidence to make good decisions that lead to lower costs and better care.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. What it means to become an empowered patient.
  2. Why empowered patients are the key to driving down healthcare costs.
  3. How to shop for medical services & prescription drugs, and how to avoid surprise medical bills.
  4. How to ask the right questions to manage your medical providers and hold them accountable.
  5. How to seek and find help when you need it.

Who Should Attend:

  • Healthcare Consumers
  • Corporate HR Professionals
  • Benefits Administrators
  • Executives concerned with the cost of healthcare